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All you need to do is to register with Galyum and have an address in Turkey.

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Shop from any store in Turkey and we will send your products to the address you want within 1 day.
All you need to do is to become a member of Galyum and have an address in Turkey.

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Become a member of Galyum and have an address in Turkey.

Free Transfer

We pay for your cargo that you send to our transfer center from all over Turkey.

Price advantage

We deliver your cargo to your address with price advantages of up to 80%.

Free Merge

The products you buy from different stores are combined with other products waiting at your Galyum address. In this way, you pay less shipping costs.

Free Storage

Galyum customers shop from online retail stores in Turkey and ship them to our warehouses and are stored for 60 days

Express Service

At the address you want within 1 to 5 days after we receive your shipments.

Online Tracking

You can track your shipments by clicking the 'Where is my package' button.

Buy for me

Let our personal shopping consultants buy the product you like for you; Have Galyum delivered to your door.

Why Galyum?

The biggest reason why our customers work with us is TRUST

In addition to trust, we produce end-to-end solutions.

  • You will be in contact with a person from the procurement process to the delivery of the products you intend to buy from Turkey.
  • We negotiate on your behalf while supplying your products and offer you the best product at the most affordable price.
  • During the delivery process, we offer services such as package consolidation and repackaging free of charge.
  • We do not have an upper or lower limit. Your order may be € 10 or € 100,000.

The trade you make through Galyum is completely transparent.

What's included in your costs?

The trade you make through Galyum is completely transparent.

  • 5% commission is charged over the total amount of orders received.
  • The actual shipping fee for the delivery country is requested.
  • Extra fees may be charged for private research outside of Istanbul.
  • Galyum membership, monthly, registration, etc. It does not charge fees.
  • Galyum does not give any extra profit+commission etc. on ordered products. no fee.

Who can import?

Person, Limited or AS. Anyone with or without commercial activity can import products to their own country.

What can I buy from Turkey?

  • Textile, Shoes, Accessories etc. clothing products
  • Machinery, Spare parts, electronic etc equipment
  • Office, Home furniture etc. accessory items
  • Products such as souvenirs

The price that will be presented to you as a result of the research is the price including all Turkey operations (Product Fee + Turkey Taxes + Shipping Fee + Commission Fee)

Excludes Verigs that will be born at the delivery address, which is the country of destination.

Where can I shop?

You can shop in many physical stores in Turkey.
For example, textiles from Laleli - Merter - Güngören - Osmanbey districts in Istanbul, You can shop from electronics or furniture centers such as masko and modoka from Perpa Trade Center.

You can also purchase from many online wholesale shopping sites in Turkey.

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